What to Do in Budapest-Check These Activities

If you are planning to go on a vacation to Europe, then add Budapest to one of your destinations. Like other cities in Europe, Budapest offers many kinds of attractive places to visit. With many attractions available, visitors will not need to wonder what to do in Budapest. Therefore, this is the perfect place for you to visit whether you are alone or with your friends.

Budapest is two cities that are connected by bridges, where people can explore. It contains Buda City and Pest City, where both have their interests. Budapest is known as a city that is mixed with a traditional and modern touch. Many traditional buildings in Budapest are interesting to visit and explore. Here are some places and activities on what to do in Budapest if you are planning to come here.

1. Going Across the Chain Bridge

This is the bridge that connects the two cities in Hungary and therefore it is famous. Just by crossing the bridge, you can visit two countries in a short time. The best time to walk across the bridge is in the morning or evening. If you stay near the bridge, take a walk across the bridge and you can see a beautiful view of the sea. And if you go there at night, the view will be full of lights.

 2. Seeing the Buda Castle

For those who are in history, then you must visit the Buda Castle. The location of the castle is on top of a hill, therefore on the way there you can see beautiful scenery. On the hill, there are also national galleries and museums that people can also visit. To enjoy these places, book a guide for a 2-hour tour, usually, it includes all places as one. The ground is open for 24 hours, however, the museum and castle itself is open only from 10 am to 6 pm.

 3. See Guards Change

If you are still confused about what to do in Budapest, try seeing the guards at the Hungarian building change. The change of the guards isn’t long, so try to take a short time visiting here. Even though there isn’t any performance, but the change of the guard is interesting to see. However, if you miss the change, you can still see the Hungarian Building. The building itself is amazing and a must place to visit when you come to Budapest.

 4. Bath in Budapest Baths

Relax in one of the most relaxing places in Budapest, Budapest Baths. After a long tiring day, this is the perfect place to relax your body. Overall, the bath is like a pool but is a medicinal bath with beautiful scenery. The temperature of the water is also warm, so people can enjoy the scenery while bathing themselves in the pool. If you happen to go there on Saturday, join the Budapest part on Saturday night.  

 5. Going on A Cruise

Going to Budapest won’t be complete or right before seeing the Danube River. To enjoy the view there, people can go on a cruise for lunch or dinner. There are many options of the cruise, therefore adjust your schedule with the available ones

So, if you plan to come here, you won’t be confused about what to do in Budapest. Because there are many interesting places to visit and activities to do. To enjoy the holiday, make sure to at least spend 3 days there to enjoy every corner of the city. Don’t forget to also eat local foods and shop like the locals.

How to Take Care of Fish Eggs in Aquarium for Cultivation

Cultivating fishes is ideal for those who are willing to have extra incomes but could not provide a large space. Not only as an additional income but also as a hobby and relieve stress. Cultivating fish eggs is actually easy and has a high fare of success. One of the keys is to know how to take care of the fish eggs in aquarium. It is not only important for those who want to cultivate but also for petting.

Taking care of fishes is a fun and easy way to pet an animal. Developing from hobby petting to business, people tend to cultivate fishes. There are lots of kinds of fishes such as goldfish, decorative fish and koi. However, it is quite confusing for some people about how to take care of fish eggs, especially for cultivating. Here are some simple tips you could try if you want to start cultivating fishes.

1. Provide an Aquarium

The first step on how to take care of fish eggs is providing an aquarium for the fish eggs. Make sure to provide an aquarium with a minimum length of 80 cm, wide 40 cm, and height 40 cm. As the aquarium for the mother fish, provide another different aquarium. Equip the aquarium with nesting place, using a fiber or others. Place the nesting about 15cm below the surface of the aquarium. The female fish would usually lay their eggs here.

2. Recheck the nest

After the spawning process, the female fish usually swims near the nest to guard the eggs. To make sure use a small stick and prick it in. If there is some yellow fluid that comes out, it means that the female fish has laid the eggs down.

3. Replace the eggs

To avoid the adults eating the eggs or damaging them, replace the eggs to another aquarium. Prepare an aquarium that contains methylene blue in it. This fluid kills the bacteria that damage the fish eggs. Do not move the fish eggs are not directed to the new aquarium. Let the eggs adapt the temperature through the media that is used to move the eggs.

4. A suitable acidity PH

The suitable acidity PH is an important aspect of how to take care of fish eggs in aquarium. If the water acidity is still not as suitable, manage to change it using an acidic or basic solution. For example, if you are willing to change to the acidity lower, use phosphoric acid.

5. Ideal Water Temperature

The last thing to notice on how to take care of fish eggs is providing the right temperature. For the right temperature to optimize the fish eggs are around 27-30C. If the water is lower, bacteria would easily damage the fish eggs. To warmth the temperature, move the aquarium to a closer area where it is far from the wind.

Fish eggs are sensitive and must be treated as soft as possible. Doing the right way on how to take care of fish eggs is a must. Therefore, fish eggs could then hatch perfectly and grow towards an adult fish.

What to do in Jakarta for a Short Trip

Jakarta is the capital city and one of the most crowded cities in Indonesia. It is famous for its traffic and pollution that makes people think twice coming here. But, if you are planning to come here whether, for a business trip or a short getaway, there are still places you can visit. So, what to do in Jakarta if you have limited time? Don’t worry, there are enough things you can do here if you can handle the traffic.

Despite the crowded streets, Jakarta is a modern city full of hotels and malls. So, if you love shopping Jakarta is sure a great place to visit. On the other hand, if you like nature, then there is a small island that people can visit from Jakarta. Here are some the lists of what to do in Jakarta, if you have limited time:

1. Hang Out in Jakarta’s Bars

Jakarta is known with many modern and unique bars that are in the central of the city. The places are usually designed luxurious, making the visitor comfortable to hang out. Besides indoor, there are also many cafes that are in the high building giving great views for their visitors. To entertain their visitors, most café provides live music starting at 06 pm until it closes. Oh, and this is another great thing about Jakarta, almost all cafes close at 2 am in the morning.

 2. Shopping

For those who love shopping will sure love it here in Jakarta. As a modern city, Jakarta has many malls that also provide many top named boutiques in the world. The price here is also friendly for both clothes and electronic products. As for those who are on a budget don’t need to worry because there are also many traditional markets. Despite being modern, Jakarta is also full of many cheap markets. If you are looking for something trendy, no brand clothing come and visit Pasar Senen. Here, people can bargain the price, and if lucky they can get the price as they like. 

 3. Visit Old Town

What to do in Jakarta next if you get bored? Well, if you are planning just to stroll around the City, try visiting the Old town or also known as the Old Batavia. The buildings here are quite old, however not treated very well. Other than the museum, usually there are also many attractions here to entertain visitors. You can also grab lunch in the Old Batavia Restaurant, where the design of the restaurant is antique.

 4. Culinary around Jakarta

When visiting a new place, eating local food is a must for some people. Well, as a country that is famous for its seasoning, Jakarta offers many kinds of delicious food. Some traditional food that people can find in Jakarta is kerak telor, Gado-Gado, and Soto. Some foods may taste strange at first, but they are very worth to try.

 5. Visit Thousand Island

Jakarta also has a beautiful island that people can go for a short getaway. Just a few hours boat ride from the crowded city, people can reach the Thousand island. Even though the sea view isn’t as good as Bali, but Thousand island still offers a relaxing situation. Here, people can enjoy the waves, sunset, and get away from the pollution for a while.

So, still confused about what to do in Jakarta or planning to stay longer? Well, despite the crowded streets, Jakarta is still an amazing city to visit. By coming here, people will experience a life of modern and traditional culture at once.

How Important Sign Language for Deaf Student to Improve Their Development

Sign language is a visual language that uses your hand, body movement, and expression. This language is actually very useful for deaf people. Sadly, sign language has a controversial issue around the world. But, on the other hand, people who are interested in learning sign language increased. It is due to their desire, so they are able to communicate with disabling a person. If you are a parent or a teacher at school, you have to know how important sign language for deaf student. Because you might not know how big its roles to develop their skills.

The American Sign Language (ASL) is the popular one that seems like the universal sign language the same as English. But, actually, each country has a different sign language. Moreover, if you explore more about sign language, each region has its own too. It is because sign language adjusts to the people around them. So, knowing how important sign language for deaf student can help to be equal with the other student. These are why you must understand the use of sign language:

1. Boosting Brain

You might think sign language is the language like you used to know. Well, you are wrong because behind the movements, it is able to boost students’ brains. Just like the other people who learn the bilingual language, a student who learns sign language and interpret the words is also a bilingual person. It boosts their brain to have creative thinking, flexible cognitive, better literacy, and many more. Furthermore, they have spatial awareness and visual sensitivity.

2. Better Understanding

We don’t have to explain why the deaf student will get a better understanding through sign language. First of all, it is of course because they can only see to communicate. Thus, when you express something visually it will be easier to be understood. Also, by communicating with sign language, the deaf student can easily respond.

3. Strengthen Psychologically 

You might not believe that using sign language can develop themselves psychologically. Many studies have proven this issue that deaf children who learn sign language since they were babies have higher self-esteem. This condition is very important for every student’s development. Once they are confident, they can minimize the problem further.

4. Know Better the Social Rule

Just like the previous number, for those who don’t know the use and benefit from sign language cannot understand why it helps to teach them a social rule. But, in fact, there are also studies that said, someone with sign language knows better about the social rule. Furthermore, their ability to solve a problem is better than the one who cannot communicate with sign language.

5. Better Literacy

Sign language chains off the deaf people from the language barrier. The students who don’t use sign language in learning has a worse competence in writing and reading skill. They lack to understand the sentence position for the subject, verb, and the others. You can compare this with the students who are familiar with sign language. 

How important sign language for deaf student must be understood by people around them. Because teaching them is very different from the hearing students. But once you do it in the right way, you cannot wonder their intelligence.

5 Ways In Training Kitten To Litter Box You Can Follow

Having kitten means you should ready in training kitten to litter box. Here we have several ways that you can follow.

Kittens naturally defecate in sand or soil. However, if you keep a cat at home, it is necessary to practice the cat to get rid of feces in the right place. All that is need is a good litter box. Here’s how in training kitten to litter box:

1. Purchasing Supplies

The first step in training kitten to litter box is purchasing the supply. Choose a big litter box. There is a small box for kittens, but kittens will grow so fast that soon after introducing them to the box. Shortly have to replace it again. If you are going to replace the litter box, you have to teach the cat again, so it’s best to start with a box that will be used for a long time.

In addition, select a closed litter box. Some litter boxes have lids around them. This type of litter box is suitable for holding sand and cat dung from digging and pushing while preventing odors from coming out in a small place. Some cats also feel protected with a closed box.

Buy sand for kittens. There are many types of sand to choose from and any sand can be used for most teenage or adult cats (8 months and above). Choose sand that doesn’t have dust as much as possible because dust can irritate your cat’s lungs.

Buy a tool to scoop as well as cloth. The last thing that needs to be prepared to train cats to defecate is a spitting tool for removing feces from the litter box. As well as cloth placed under the box to prevent cat sand from splattering on the floor.

2. Introducing the Cat Litter Box

Place the box in a quiet place. Do not put it in areas that are often traversed such as the kitchen or front area of ​​the house. The ideal place to put a litter box is a place that is easily accessible, not too crowded, and free from noise. Put the kitten in a litter box filled with sand. When bringing a cat home, put him in a box so he can use to the aroma and sensation. Let him spend a few minutes there, even though he doesn’t feel the need for wastewater.

Then put the cat in the litter box after he eats, wake up sleeping. Also, if he squats in a place other than a litter box, move him into the litter box immediately. Use praise, not punishment. When kittens are usual to using litter boxes, compliment him every time and making a soothing voice. Don’t punish him when he is in the box because he might feel that he is in the box because he is being punished.

3. Maintaining the Comfort of the Kitten

Clean the litter box every day. If you don’t replace the sand in the litter box, the kitten will look for a cleaner place like a rug and dump water there. Clean the entire litter box. Must clean the litter box thoroughly about once a week. When the box is empty, wash it with harmless cleaning liquid, then rinse the box, dry it, and fill it again with clean sand.

Clean the place where the cat littered carefully. If your kitten or cat poops outside the litter box, be sure to thoroughly clean the area. And get rid of all traces of urine or feces. This reduces the likelihood that the cat will urinate again in the same place.

Those are some ways in training kitten to litter box that you can follow. By doing this, you can help yourself in a messy life with your cat.

5 Places To Have Best Brunch In Miami Beach

Currently in Miami and wishing for a simple brunch? Here we have a list of places that serves the best brunch in Miami Beach you can try.

Miami has a reputation as a playground for famous people and of course, has a lot of money. With this title comes above average expectations to satisfy local and international tastes. From authentic family dining places to fun brunch places all on Miami Beach. Here are several of the best brunch in Miami beach.

1. Versailles

Versailles opened its doors to the Cuban community that flourished in 1971. And became one of the main Latin restaurants in Miami. It’s must be visited while on vacation in Miami. The location in the heart of Little Havana on Calle Ocho, Versailles.

It is the first stop for politicians who try to slap messages to Cubans in Miami. Filled with locals and tourists, Versailles is an iconic building that still displays its Kubanya roots. The menu consists of vaca frittata, chicken fricassee, Cuban sandwich, and a cortado coffee.

2. Barton G The Restaurant

Barton G Weiss, a creative event planner, and restaurant owner brings decades of experience to Barton G. His restaurant in South Beach. Here food is not just sustenance, but a greater experience of life. With the concept of fine-dining-meets-fun-dining, it’s also the best brunch in Miami beach. The food being a source of entertainment, the approach has paid attention to Barton G media throughout the world.

The restaurant’s interior features an onyx, zebra, and cherry wood bar. And also neutral shades of chocolate, bronze and copper, all of which they romanticize with mood lighting. Alfresco dining is also in the terrace garden of Barton Gs. From the menu, try Lured by Swordfish, which is a Florida grilled swordfish, which comes with lobster tater tots, and sugar snap pea fricassee, with saffron glaze.

3. Casa Tua

Casa Tua is a cautious upscale restaurant in Miami Beach. The restaurant is inside a Mediterranean-style villa, offering seating in an indoor garden and terrace. Almost like in a secret garden, guests enjoy a relaxed and green atmosphere with tree lights illuminated by lanterns, with Casa Tua aiming to make each guest feel as if they are visiting a friend’s home.

This menu comes from delicious Northern Italian cuisine and paired with fine wine, while the walls are decorated with fine arts. With a 20-seat chef’s table in the kitchen, Casa Tua offers an unforgettable experience, like no other in Miami.

4. Cecconi’s Miami Beach

Located at Miami’s SoHo Beach House, Cecconi’s is a classic Italian restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as Cicchetti (Italian tapas). Waiters serve food in the shabby garden terrace dining room. They are also decorated with ambient lights and lush greenery, creating a relaxed atmosphere of intimacy.

The bar is also open every day from 11 am to closing. And for late-night visitors, the midnight menu is an option that is available every Thursday to Saturday from 23:00 to 01:00. The food has a choice of Cicchetti and dolci. Reservations also required for dinner because Cecconi is a sought after local dinner.

5. The Forge Restaurant

Forge Restaurant by Shareef Malnick underwent a thorough floor-to-ceiling check, which is a year-round project by renowned designer Francois Frossard. Frossard’s vision is to create an atmosphere of being in an elite and extravagant private home.

The North Miami Beach establishment plays for the Rococo ornament era, and The Forge features crystal chandeliers and gothic-arched entrances that lead to the main dining room and intimate bar. The farm-to-table seasonal menu offers culinary dishes such as mushroom risotto and super grilled oak steak and grilled shrimp waffles.

That’s some of the choices of the best brunch in Miami beach. Besides famous for its popularity, Miami is also famous for its food tastes. So prepare all the accommodations to visit there.

Amazing Animal Cruelty Laws From Around The World

Animal is also living creature that have rights. Thus, here we have animal cruelty laws from around the world.

Animals are living creatures just like humans. Even though they aren’t as perfect, but they have the right to live. However, these days humans have a bad habit of torturing and abusing animals. There is no real report on how many animals are hurt. This is because many of them are not reported. Therefore, animal cruelty laws from around the world are made to protect animals.

animal cruelty laws from around the world

Even though we might not be able to save animals, but the least we can do is report. Report an incident when you see it. This will at least punish those who torture animals for no reason. And for those who have been hurting an animal, be careful. Because now there are animal cruelty laws from around the world that will be applied. Here are some laws:

1. Laws in Egypt

A cruelty law in Egypt is available in since hundred years ago. The content of the law is, whoever kills any kind of animal, with no main reason can be jailed or fined. In the old Egyptian law, anyone who kills cats or dogs will be executed. However, this law doesn’t apply anymore. Even though not many people are aware of this law, the number of died animals are not high in this country.

2. Animal Protection in Africa

The law in Africa for animals is in Act no 71 of 1962. The law covers animals from farm animals, domestic animals, and birds. Inside the law, the government detailed forbidden activities by a human that can cause them to jail. As an island with many kinds of animals, Africa is very strict with their rules. If anyone torture or hit animal is threatened to jail. Even chaining, not giving food/ drinks to an animal is a violation. Therefore, ensure to take care of your pets.

3.  Criminal Laws in Canada

Canada, doing any harmful activities to animals are all prohibited. There is no reason for suffering or killing animals, except that they give you danger. Despite this reason, poisoning or killing animals is not an option. Many provinces and territories in Canada have their own rules for animals. However, most of the rules are the same and have been applied. To keep people aware of the rule, the funds will be notified of the rules every night.

4. Costa Rica

Many animals in Costa Rica are for entertaining. Activities such as horse paradise, rodeos will not count as torture. People believe it is a traditional activity that every year to entertain the people. 

5. Indonesia

The same as with other countries, Indonesia also protects its animals with a rule. No one can kill animals, especially dogs and cats. The only reason people can kill an animal is that they are in danger. Overall, this rule is still very rare and not many people are aware of the rule. 

It is great to see that there are already many animal cruelty laws from around the world. Most people are starting to realize the life of animals. Therefore, make sure to take care of your pets starting from now

The 5 Countries With The Highest Pollution In The World, The Majority From Asia

As our mother earth getting older, humankind kept on polluting the air. Here are the countries with the highest pollution in the world

Humans naturally breathe air to survive. But if the inhaled air is polluted, this pollutant automatically enters the body and endangers health. Air pollution is often called the “silent killer” because it can “kill” slowly. The following are some of the countries with the highest pollution in the world.

The 5 Countries With The Highest Pollution In The World, The Majority From Asia

1. Pakistan

Many problems come to this country, ranging from air pollution, flooding, to large landslides. The country which has a population of 173 million has 150 thousand deaths due to pollution. In fact, according to research, more than 310 thousand lives have been lost due to high air pollution.

This neighboring country of India has a name the country with the worst air pollution in the world. Its three cities, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Karachi are among the cities with the most polluted air pollution.

The government issued some policies, such as forcing industrial companies to install air purifier filters. In addition, drivers with vehicles whose age exceeds the maximum legal limit will be fined.

2. Afghanistan

Poor quality of fuel used by households and industries causes poor air quality in this Central Asian country. Worse yet, the mountains that surround him trap the polluted air above the city. No wonder the citizens sometimes wear masks when outside the home.

With a population of 34.4 million people, this country located in South Asia. The country has a mortality rate due to climate change and air pollution of up to 90 thousand people.

One major cause is a digestive infection. Due to increased pollution in drinking water sources and the amount of danger of food.

3. Bangladesh

Bangladesh does have environmental protection laws. However, it cannot be denied that is a certain lobby of the company so this regulation is difficult to enforce. Company factories dump toxic waste into water sources, damage rice fields, fish farms, and drinking water wells.

There are around 100,000 people have died from air pollution. Pollution also makes 15 million people of Bangladesh will be bad will have an effect by 2030. No wonder this South Asian country is one of the countries with the highest pollution in the world.

4. Chinese

As the country with the largest population in the world, China experiences tremendous pollution problems. Due to various industrial activities that make this country advanced. Out of a population of 1.3 billion, 1.5 million deaths from pollution ranging from unclean air to polluted water sources.

In addition, Beijing, Chinese, pollution can block the sun every day. So many people are forced to use masks the outside. Besides making watery eyes and itchy necks, polluted air (114) affects the moods of citizens. This country is the country with the highest pollution in the world.

5. Indonesia

Of this population of 259 million, there are 150 thousand deaths due to pollution and climate change occur each year. It is estimate the death toll due to pollution will increase to 300 thousand deaths by 2030. Damage to nature and difficulty maintaining ecosystems are the cause of this problem.

The level of pollution in Jakarta is highest at 179. This figure is with consideration unhealthy, making it vulnerable to anyone who is outdoors. In addition, Jakarta Air has a category as unhealthy or unhealthy. This causes Indonesia to be the country with the highest pollution in the world.

That’s the 5 countries with the highest pollution in the world. The majority of these countries are from the Asian continent. Most of these citizens hope that pollution can become normal and make the lives of its citizens calm.

Joining Festival In Little Italy? Here Are The Things You Should Know

Wishing for some Italian experience? Just come to the Town of Clinton to join the Festival in Little Italy. But before joining, know these first.

If you plan to make a holiday with Italian taste, then August is the right time. Moreover, at the end of August until the early of September, you will find the Festival in Little Italy. It is an annual festival held on Labor Day Weekend. The organizers are the LIFT (Little Italy Festival Town) board and the City of Clinton. Each year this festival honors two people as the Re (king) and the Regina (queen).

Festival In Little Italy

The Festival in Little Italy starts at 6 PM on Friday, exactly before Labor Day. The LIFT, as the organizer, is actually a non-profit educational organization. They dedicate themselves to develop the cultural and historical of Vermillion County and the Town of Clinton. When they create this event, they also make some features like:

1. LIFT Costume Contest

This is not a beauty contest you might imagine. All participants must come to the venue wearing authentic Italian attire. There are categories, usually, it is designed by age. For example, for infants, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Also, this category is for the boy and girl. So, each category has two winners. The winning will be announced on the same day based on the age group.

2. The Wine Garden

You can find the Wine Garden at the early of September. Every 1 September it starts at 6 PM on Friday and also 11 AM on Saturday until Monday. Lots of glasses of beer, soft drinks, wine, and lots of Italian sandwiches are available for visitors. If you want to bring your family members, you are only able to join until 5.30 PM. Then, the rest of this event is for age 21+.

3. Bocce Ball Tournament

Actually, this tournament is not specific for Festival in Little Italy. But, since people like to play this game, the organizer makes the Bocce ball tournament as part of this festival. Bocce ball was the Roman empire game. During the time, people develop the game and now presents form in Italy. The team is only for two people. There is a prize to win in this event, thus, many people register themselves with their partner.

4. The Coal Town Museum

When you are joining this festival’s crowd, don’t forget to visit the Coal Town museum. Don’t imagine it is a museum-like you use to visit. The Coal Town museum is actually the former local train station. If you see the history of Clinton, the earlier people were living in the coal mines. Thus, this museum is built dedicated to appreciating them.

5. The Vegetable Cart

When the parade is rolling, you can enjoy the other event that is the vegetable cart. You can find so many vegetables and fruits in the crowd. Just enjoy this event and fulfill your stomach. If you are the vegan people, you will love being in this event for sure.

Don’t miss a chance to join the Festival in Little Italy. The event is along the street of Clinton City. Since 1966, as its first festival, this event now successfully reaches many visitors. You might be disappointed if miss this event.

How To Become A Photographer 101 For Aspires

Many youngsters wish to be a photographer. Here we have a short list of how to become a photographer you can follow.

All people might have their dream in the future. A dream is about something that you want to be and reach in the future. Every dream needs to be developed. Therefore, you need much time and much effort and struggle to be reached. Some frequently asked question is about how to become a photographer.

Becoming a photographer sounds simple but complicated to do. You need a lot of time to learn more. So, in this chance, you will get more knowledge about a photographer by reading this article. Here is the information about how to become a photographer. Here they are:

1. Let’s Get Starting

You can’t start to be anything without start it but it also applies to a photographer. When you want to be a photographer, you need to start first. So, how to start it? That is a simple question with a big explanation.

To start to be a photographer, you need to bring your camera everywhere and try to use it. You can look at the other photographers and try to take a picture like them. The important thing is, do not forget to learn everything about photography such as read an article about photography, have a course and many others.

2. Take More Photos

To know more, you need to learn more and try more. Therefore, to be a photographer you need to build your experience by try and take more photos as many as you can. Same with the theory try and error, you need to try everything until you understand many things.

You don’t need to know all of the camera’s features before trying, but doing both at the same time. Everything seems hard before you try it. Therefore, you must be brave to try and learn more.

3. Understand Your Camera Well

When you want to be a photographer, you must be close to the camera. The Camera will be your best friend. Therefore, you need to understand well and feel comfortable with your camera. You need to know what and where the features that you want to use.

You must be easy to find and setting everything in your camera without taking a long time. Because a good photo does not come from the camera but, comes from the photographer. Therefore, you need to try to be a professional photographer.

4. Don’t Lose Hope

When you want to reach your dream to be a photographer or anything, you must keep your dream and do not lose your hope. Keep trying and trying more patiently and never gave up. Everything may seem so hard for the first time, but the time will teach you about the patient and give you more knowledge that you never expect before.

So, how about you? Do you still spirit to reach your dream? One of the ways to be a good photographer is by reading this article about how to become a photographer. Do not lose your hope and give more effort to make your dream come true. Keep spirit everyone.