Reasons Why Education System In Singapore Is The Best

There’s no doubt about Singapore education system. Here are why education system in Singapore is one of the best in the world.

Singapore is famous for its superior education. Every year, graduations from Singapore can join worldwide companies. The education system in Singapore was in first place on Economic cooperation and development. So how is the system in Singapore? And why is the output from Singapore one of the best in the world?

In Singapore, there are three levels of education that the government suggests its citizens to join. It starts from pre-school, continues to primary school, and secondary school. Like most schools, pre-school will take 6 years, whereas primary school is about 4 years. Most of the schools in Singapore are run by companies. Some are even by community groups. Therefore, some fees are free. So other than free fees for education, why is an education system in Singapore the best?

Education System In Singapore

1. Tight Schedules in School

As a reliable place other than home, schools in Singapore gives a tight schedule to their students. They make sure that students follow the schedules tightly and don’t have time for non-useful activities. Their days are full of math, science, chemistry and many more. Some schools even add homework to their students to ensure their students understand what they learn at school.

2. Focus on Specific Subjects

 One of the keys to successful education in Singapore is how to focus their teaching system is. So, at school, students are given specific subjects that they must understand. Next, the students also do practical skills on how to solve problems in the real world. Therefore, they don’t only understand the theory, but also be able to apply it. To see whether students understand the theory, the student will be given exams. Therefore, exams are very important in schools and is a tool for evaluation.

3. Pressure on Exams

 Singapore are very anxious about getting a good grade in exams. This is because exams are an evaluation tool to see the development of the student. Some schools even post grades to encourage others. This will make students study twice as harder than before. Students also believe that a smart person can be seen by their grades.

4. Professional Teachers

The aspect that helps students in Singapore is the teachers. The teachers must have certification and experts in their subject. This is to ensure students receive the right theory from the best ones. Some schools even have foreigner teachers.

5. Complete facilities

Facilities are an important part of the school. Almost all schools in Singapore have complete facilities such as laboratories, gym, and computers. As digital media is now an important part of daily life, the internet is also available in most schools in Singapore.

Despite the tight schedule and lessons in school, Singapore schools also provide student activities. This is to refresh students’ minds and prevent them from stress. Usually, these activities will be held every weekend or 1-2 times a week. So, overall the education system in Singapore is quite tight for a child. But the process is worth. This can be proven by the high numbers of Singapore graduations with excellent grades. And they work in worldwide companies.

Amazing Famous Tourist Destinations In Philippine You Have To Visit

Philippine gets more notice from international tourists. Here are famous tourist destinations in Philippine you have to visit.

Philippine is a famous country known for its beautiful nature. Anyone who is planning to go on a relaxing holiday can choose the Philippine as a destination. There are many famous tourist destinations in Philippine that are affordable and worth to visit. Some of the places in the Philippine are known by UNESCO. Thus, for those who love the beach, don’t worry. Same as Bali and Hawaii, there are many beautiful beaches that tourists can relax in.

Famous Tourist Destinations In Philippine You Have To Visit

1. Chocolate Hills

Philippine is a great destination for those planning on a budget vacation. If you are looking for different famous tourist destinations in Philippine, visit Chocolate Hills. Like its name, Chocolate Hills turned like hills of chocolate when dry season. This due to the grass spread over the more than 1500 hills turned brownish-dry. The hills the most popular destinations in the Philippine that tourists will surely visit. So, it will usually be full of people.

2. National Philippines Museum

As for those who are into history, come and check out the National Philippines Museum. This museum was built in 1901 and is now in Manila. Visitors can learn and see the histories of the country. Not only that, but visitors can also learn about the types of arts available. Although it a tourist destination, the National Museum is also a part of the government. The government ensures to protect the cultural heritage of the Philippines. 

3. El Nido Beach

The beach is one of the famous tourist destinations in Philippine that most tourist-target when they come to this country. One of the top beaches to visit is El Nido. In the West of the Philippine, El Nido is a beach full with white clean sand. Around the beach is also the Limestone Mountains that will make it feel like paradise. For some adventure, go for snorkeling. The underwater is full of colorful species of fish. If lucky, tourists can even see whales swimming around. With many attractions offered, no wonder El Nido Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. To come here, tourists will need to ride a boat from Manila.

4. Siargao Island

The next beach is for those loves surfing. Known for having many waves, Siargao Island is the place for beginners or expert surfers. For experts, try coming in August until September. At this time of the year, the waves are quite big. However it also quite challenging. As for beginners that are planning to learn to surf, they can come in April. Despite the wave, this beach has beautiful mangrove forests and unique corals. Here, make sure to keep clean and take care of nature.

Despite the great nature in the Philippine, food is also something to try. There are also many must-try delicious famous tourist destinations in Philippine. Some foods that are popular here are bin atop and kwek-kwek. So, after going for a swim or surf on the beach, why not try to fill your stomach with something tasty? But make sure you ask the seller what it was about before you try it. 

The Unique Historical Architectural Building You Might Never Hear Before

Put aside the likes of Taj Mahal. Here we’re going to give you unique historical architectural building you might never hear before.

Taj Mahal, Pyramids, or even the famous Chrysler Building are several unique buildings you might know. Actually, there are still many others, but some people probably don’t know them. Here we will tell you the unique historical architectural building around the world. These buildings are also mindblowing.

If you are a traveler, at least you must visit one of these buildings. Don’t just take selfies, you must walk around and explore its history too. There are lots of wisdom to learn. See the interior in detail. Look at the exterior widely. Find out the unique historical architectural building below and let’s make your own itinerary:

Dome of the Rock

1. Lotus Temple (New Dehli)

India is famous for its Taj Mahal. But there is another building that historical and very unique called Lotus Temple. The temple building has 27 petals of a lotus flower. When you see from the outside, you will find a big view of that flower. It has nine sides with a door on each side. The capacity of the building is for 2,500 people. Since its completion in 1986, the Lotus Temple attracts so many tourists.

2. Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)

This city has so many historical buildings. One of them is the Dome of the Rock which was built in the 7th century. The design is using Byzantine design. You can see it from the octagonal form and the wood. When you enter inside, you will be amazed by the marble, mosaic, and faience. It is really one of a masterpiece of Islamic architecture around the world.

3. Lloyd’s Building (London)

A futuristic building like in a sci-fi movie is not an imagination. The Lloyd’s building becomes iconic of London skyline now. The people who behinds the scenes were Roger Stirk Harbour and Partners. They featured this building with 12 exterior lifts which are as the first in the UK. In 1928 is its first time to build, then it has an expansion in 1958.  Now it is the home of Lloyd’s insurance institution.

4. Fallingwater (Pennsylvania)

In 1935, an American architect, Frank Llyod Wright design a private resident. But, during the time, the building becomes popular because the design looks like stretches our over 30th waterfall. Surprisingly, the Fallingwater has no solid ground beneath it. What makes it famous, the building has been talked about by people since it was finished in 1939.

5. Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao)

This building is one of the contemporary architectures. Many people admire this museum as the unique historical architectural building because of its concept. It was proven when the architect, Frank Gehry, won the architectural competition. When the building was planned, there was a competition for its design. In 1997 was the first time the museum was opened. After two decades, it welcomes millions of people around the world.

Seeing those great buildings could give you inspiration for designing. If you are an architect, you must travel to many places. Or, as a traveler, enrich your experience through the unique historical architectural building. You can find more buildings in the other country than the five above.

Backpacker Trip To New Zealand, What An Adventure!

New Zealand has this magic air that came straight from a classic stories. Thus, a backpacker trip to New Zealand will be the right thing to do!

backpacker trip to new zealand

Are you craving for a fellowship journey like Frodo has? Or you just simply want to hike and enjoy the clean fresh air? Surely you have to come to New Zealand, the land of Kiwi. Prepare yourself for a backpacker trip to New Zealand that will worth every penny.

New Zealand is divided into two mainland islands, north, and south. Meanwhile, if you decide to explore the whole island you will need more time. A month is at a minimum. New Zealand offers travelers with unique wildlife, natural and marine reserve, and also a mesmerizing hiking tour. Do not feel worried if you are a first-timer, here are some guidelines to help you explore the dazzling island of New Zealand:

1. Activities

New Zealand is the perfect place to hike. Thus, the most to do activity when doing a backpacker trip to New Zealand is hiking. The island offers world-class hiking with a breathtaking view as a companion. Visiting Fjorland National Park will be the best option to start your hiking day. Travelers can enjoy a remarkable track and meet diverse birdlife, turquoise open water, and mesmerizing mountain scenery.

Meanwhile, for a die-hard fan of Lord of The Rings, try to trace back Frodo steps at Tongorino National Park. If the weather is kind travelers will be able to enjoy Mt. Nguruhoe or Mountdoom just like Frodo did. This visit is to be considered a must.

Not only hiking, but there are also beaches and caves. Travelers will find the lost world by going down the cave and enjoy mesmerizing gigantic stalagmite. Do not forget to lighten up the day by visiting Hamilton and experienced The Shire brought to life. Even more, you can enjoy Bag End at the hobbit village.

2. Perfect Time to Visit

Luckily, there is never been a bad time or season to visit a splendid place like New Zealand. With a ray of sunshine all over the country and almost no air pollution, travelers do need to feel worried. However, travelers must be ready for unexpected weather changing. Speaking of the best time? It is summer.

Summer in New Zealand is from December to February. This will be the peak time and also the best time to enjoy open area activities such as hiking, winery, surfboarding and also swimming. Spend all season in New Zealand and you will able to enjoy blossoming spring and unforgettable winter.

3. What to Eat

As a backpacker tourist, food is not something to fuss about. But, since you are in New Zealand, why not try a compromising local food. Furthermore, try a tasty coffee and a mouthwatering breakfast in a local café. Not to forget that New Zealand is one of the best wineries, travelers can complete a journey with a zip of wine.

Since New Zealand is rich with sea produce, travelers can fill their belly with juicy and fresh seafood. Travelers will be lucky to have their fish and chips. Hence, this simple and tasty fried battered fish is the perfect companion of a backpacker.

Finally, no need to wait any longer. Grab your backpack and fill it with spirit, bravery and a bunch of adrenalin. As mention before that everybody can travel to New Zealand on budget. So, what are you waiting for? Start your backpacker trip to New Zealand right away.