5 Places To Have Best Brunch In Miami Beach

Currently in Miami and wishing for a simple brunch? Here we have a list of places that serves the best brunch in Miami Beach you can try.

Miami has a reputation as a playground for famous people and of course, has a lot of money. With this title comes above average expectations to satisfy local and international tastes. From authentic family dining places to fun brunch places all on Miami Beach. Here are several of the best brunch in Miami beach.

1. Versailles

Versailles opened its doors to the Cuban community that flourished in 1971. And became one of the main Latin restaurants in Miami. It’s must be visited while on vacation in Miami. The location in the heart of Little Havana on Calle Ocho, Versailles.

It is the first stop for politicians who try to slap messages to Cubans in Miami. Filled with locals and tourists, Versailles is an iconic building that still displays its Kubanya roots. The menu consists of vaca frittata, chicken fricassee, Cuban sandwich, and a cortado coffee.

2. Barton G The Restaurant

Barton G Weiss, a creative event planner, and restaurant owner brings decades of experience to Barton G. His restaurant in South Beach. Here food is not just sustenance, but a greater experience of life. With the concept of fine-dining-meets-fun-dining, it’s also the best brunch in Miami beach. The food being a source of entertainment, the approach has paid attention to Barton G media throughout the world.

The restaurant’s interior features an onyx, zebra, and cherry wood bar. And also neutral shades of chocolate, bronze and copper, all of which they romanticize with mood lighting. Alfresco dining is also in the terrace garden of Barton Gs. From the menu, try Lured by Swordfish, which is a Florida grilled swordfish, which comes with lobster tater tots, and sugar snap pea fricassee, with saffron glaze.

3. Casa Tua

Casa Tua is a cautious upscale restaurant in Miami Beach. The restaurant is inside a Mediterranean-style villa, offering seating in an indoor garden and terrace. Almost like in a secret garden, guests enjoy a relaxed and green atmosphere with tree lights illuminated by lanterns, with Casa Tua aiming to make each guest feel as if they are visiting a friend’s home.

This menu comes from delicious Northern Italian cuisine and paired with fine wine, while the walls are decorated with fine arts. With a 20-seat chef’s table in the kitchen, Casa Tua offers an unforgettable experience, like no other in Miami.

4. Cecconi’s Miami Beach

Located at Miami’s SoHo Beach House, Cecconi’s is a classic Italian restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as Cicchetti (Italian tapas). Waiters serve food in the shabby garden terrace dining room. They are also decorated with ambient lights and lush greenery, creating a relaxed atmosphere of intimacy.

The bar is also open every day from 11 am to closing. And for late-night visitors, the midnight menu is an option that is available every Thursday to Saturday from 23:00 to 01:00. The food has a choice of Cicchetti and dolci. Reservations also required for dinner because Cecconi is a sought after local dinner.

5. The Forge Restaurant

Forge Restaurant by Shareef Malnick underwent a thorough floor-to-ceiling check, which is a year-round project by renowned designer Francois Frossard. Frossard’s vision is to create an atmosphere of being in an elite and extravagant private home.

The North Miami Beach establishment plays for the Rococo ornament era, and The Forge features crystal chandeliers and gothic-arched entrances that lead to the main dining room and intimate bar. The farm-to-table seasonal menu offers culinary dishes such as mushroom risotto and super grilled oak steak and grilled shrimp waffles.

That’s some of the choices of the best brunch in Miami beach. Besides famous for its popularity, Miami is also famous for its food tastes. So prepare all the accommodations to visit there.