The 5 Countries With The Highest Pollution In The World, The Majority From Asia

As our mother earth getting older, humankind kept on polluting the air. Here are the countries with the highest pollution in the world

Humans naturally breathe air to survive. But if the inhaled air is polluted, this pollutant automatically enters the body and endangers health. Air pollution is often called the “silent killer” because it can “kill” slowly. The following are some of the countries with the highest pollution in the world.

The 5 Countries With The Highest Pollution In The World, The Majority From Asia

1. Pakistan

Many problems come to this country, ranging from air pollution, flooding, to large landslides. The country which has a population of 173 million has 150 thousand deaths due to pollution. In fact, according to research, more than 310 thousand lives have been lost due to high air pollution.

This neighboring country of India has a name the country with the worst air pollution in the world. Its three cities, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Karachi are among the cities with the most polluted air pollution.

The government issued some policies, such as forcing industrial companies to install air purifier filters. In addition, drivers with vehicles whose age exceeds the maximum legal limit will be fined.

2. Afghanistan

Poor quality of fuel used by households and industries causes poor air quality in this Central Asian country. Worse yet, the mountains that surround him trap the polluted air above the city. No wonder the citizens sometimes wear masks when outside the home.

With a population of 34.4 million people, this country located in South Asia. The country has a mortality rate due to climate change and air pollution of up to 90 thousand people.

One major cause is a digestive infection. Due to increased pollution in drinking water sources and the amount of danger of food.

3. Bangladesh

Bangladesh does have environmental protection laws. However, it cannot be denied that is a certain lobby of the company so this regulation is difficult to enforce. Company factories dump toxic waste into water sources, damage rice fields, fish farms, and drinking water wells.

There are around 100,000 people have died from air pollution. Pollution also makes 15 million people of Bangladesh will be bad will have an effect by 2030. No wonder this South Asian country is one of the countries with the highest pollution in the world.

4. Chinese

As the country with the largest population in the world, China experiences tremendous pollution problems. Due to various industrial activities that make this country advanced. Out of a population of 1.3 billion, 1.5 million deaths from pollution ranging from unclean air to polluted water sources.

In addition, Beijing, Chinese, pollution can block the sun every day. So many people are forced to use masks the outside. Besides making watery eyes and itchy necks, polluted air (114) affects the moods of citizens. This country is the country with the highest pollution in the world.

5. Indonesia

Of this population of 259 million, there are 150 thousand deaths due to pollution and climate change occur each year. It is estimate the death toll due to pollution will increase to 300 thousand deaths by 2030. Damage to nature and difficulty maintaining ecosystems are the cause of this problem.

The level of pollution in Jakarta is highest at 179. This figure is with consideration unhealthy, making it vulnerable to anyone who is outdoors. In addition, Jakarta Air has a category as unhealthy or unhealthy. This causes Indonesia to be the country with the highest pollution in the world.

That’s the 5 countries with the highest pollution in the world. The majority of these countries are from the Asian continent. Most of these citizens hope that pollution can become normal and make the lives of its citizens calm.

The Unique Historical Architectural Building You Might Never Hear Before

Put aside the likes of Taj Mahal. Here we’re going to give you unique historical architectural building you might never hear before.

Taj Mahal, Pyramids, or even the famous Chrysler Building are several unique buildings you might know. Actually, there are still many others, but some people probably don’t know them. Here we will tell you the unique historical architectural building around the world. These buildings are also mindblowing.

If you are a traveler, at least you must visit one of these buildings. Don’t just take selfies, you must walk around and explore its history too. There are lots of wisdom to learn. See the interior in detail. Look at the exterior widely. Find out the unique historical architectural building below and let’s make your own itinerary:

Dome of the Rock

1. Lotus Temple (New Dehli)

India is famous for its Taj Mahal. But there is another building that historical and very unique called Lotus Temple. The temple building has 27 petals of a lotus flower. When you see from the outside, you will find a big view of that flower. It has nine sides with a door on each side. The capacity of the building is for 2,500 people. Since its completion in 1986, the Lotus Temple attracts so many tourists.

2. Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)

This city has so many historical buildings. One of them is the Dome of the Rock which was built in the 7th century. The design is using Byzantine design. You can see it from the octagonal form and the wood. When you enter inside, you will be amazed by the marble, mosaic, and faience. It is really one of a masterpiece of Islamic architecture around the world.

3. Lloyd’s Building (London)

A futuristic building like in a sci-fi movie is not an imagination. The Lloyd’s building becomes iconic of London skyline now. The people who behinds the scenes were Roger Stirk Harbour and Partners. They featured this building with 12 exterior lifts which are as the first in the UK. In 1928 is its first time to build, then it has an expansion in 1958.  Now it is the home of Lloyd’s insurance institution.

4. Fallingwater (Pennsylvania)

In 1935, an American architect, Frank Llyod Wright design a private resident. But, during the time, the building becomes popular because the design looks like stretches our over 30th waterfall. Surprisingly, the Fallingwater has no solid ground beneath it. What makes it famous, the building has been talked about by people since it was finished in 1939.

5. Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao)

This building is one of the contemporary architectures. Many people admire this museum as the unique historical architectural building because of its concept. It was proven when the architect, Frank Gehry, won the architectural competition. When the building was planned, there was a competition for its design. In 1997 was the first time the museum was opened. After two decades, it welcomes millions of people around the world.

Seeing those great buildings could give you inspiration for designing. If you are an architect, you must travel to many places. Or, as a traveler, enrich your experience through the unique historical architectural building. You can find more buildings in the other country than the five above.