Amazing Famous Tourist Destinations In Philippine You Have To Visit

Philippine gets more notice from international tourists. Here are famous tourist destinations in Philippine you have to visit.

Famous Tourist Destinations In Philippine You Have To Visit

Philippine is a famous country known for its beautiful nature. Anyone who is planning to go on a relaxing holiday can choose the Philippine as a destination. There are many famous tourist destinations in Philippine that are affordable and worth to visit. Some of the places in the Philippine are known by UNESCO. Thus, for those who love the beach, don’t worry. Same as Bali and Hawaii, there are many beautiful beaches that tourists can relax in.

Famous Tourist Destinations In Philippine You Have To Visit

1. Chocolate Hills

Philippine is a great destination for those planning on a budget vacation. If you are looking for different famous tourist destinations in Philippine, visit Chocolate Hills. Like its name, Chocolate Hills turned like hills of chocolate when dry season. This due to the grass spread over the more than 1500 hills turned brownish-dry. The hills the most popular destinations in the Philippine that tourists will surely visit. So, it will usually be full of people.

2. National Philippines Museum

As for those who are into history, come and check out the National Philippines Museum. This museum was built in 1901 and is now in Manila. Visitors can learn and see the histories of the country. Not only that, but visitors can also learn about the types of arts available. Although it a tourist destination, the National Museum is also a part of the government. The government ensures to protect the cultural heritage of the Philippines. 

3. El Nido Beach

The beach is one of the famous tourist destinations in Philippine that most tourist-target when they come to this country. One of the top beaches to visit is El Nido. In the West of the Philippine, El Nido is a beach full with white clean sand. Around the beach is also the Limestone Mountains that will make it feel like paradise. For some adventure, go for snorkeling. The underwater is full of colorful species of fish. If lucky, tourists can even see whales swimming around. With many attractions offered, no wonder El Nido Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. To come here, tourists will need to ride a boat from Manila.

4. Siargao Island

The next beach is for those loves surfing. Known for having many waves, Siargao Island is the place for beginners or expert surfers. For experts, try coming in August until September. At this time of the year, the waves are quite big. However it also quite challenging. As for beginners that are planning to learn to surf, they can come in April. Despite the wave, this beach has beautiful mangrove forests and unique corals. Here, make sure to keep clean and take care of nature.

Despite the great nature in the Philippine, food is also something to try. There are also many must-try delicious famous tourist destinations in Philippine. Some foods that are popular here are bin atop and kwek-kwek. So, after going for a swim or surf on the beach, why not try to fill your stomach with something tasty? But make sure you ask the seller what it was about before you try it.