How Important Sign Language for Deaf Student to Improve Their Development

Sign language is a visual language that uses your hand, body movement, and expression. This language is actually very useful for deaf people. Sadly, sign language has a controversial issue around the world. But, on the other hand, people who are interested in learning sign language increased. It is due to their desire, so they are able to communicate with disabling a person. If you are a parent or a teacher at school, you have to know how important sign language for deaf student. Because you might not know how big its roles to develop their skills.

The American Sign Language (ASL) is the popular one that seems like the universal sign language the same as English. But, actually, each country has a different sign language. Moreover, if you explore more about sign language, each region has its own too. It is because sign language adjusts to the people around them. So, knowing how important sign language for deaf student can help to be equal with the other student. These are why you must understand the use of sign language:

1. Boosting Brain

You might think sign language is the language like you used to know. Well, you are wrong because behind the movements, it is able to boost students’ brains. Just like the other people who learn the bilingual language, a student who learns sign language and interpret the words is also a bilingual person. It boosts their brain to have creative thinking, flexible cognitive, better literacy, and many more. Furthermore, they have spatial awareness and visual sensitivity.

2. Better Understanding

We don’t have to explain why the deaf student will get a better understanding through sign language. First of all, it is of course because they can only see to communicate. Thus, when you express something visually it will be easier to be understood. Also, by communicating with sign language, the deaf student can easily respond.

3. Strengthen Psychologically 

You might not believe that using sign language can develop themselves psychologically. Many studies have proven this issue that deaf children who learn sign language since they were babies have higher self-esteem. This condition is very important for every student’s development. Once they are confident, they can minimize the problem further.

4. Know Better the Social Rule

Just like the previous number, for those who don’t know the use and benefit from sign language cannot understand why it helps to teach them a social rule. But, in fact, there are also studies that said, someone with sign language knows better about the social rule. Furthermore, their ability to solve a problem is better than the one who cannot communicate with sign language.

5. Better Literacy

Sign language chains off the deaf people from the language barrier. The students who don’t use sign language in learning has a worse competence in writing and reading skill. They lack to understand the sentence position for the subject, verb, and the others. You can compare this with the students who are familiar with sign language. 

How important sign language for deaf student must be understood by people around them. Because teaching them is very different from the hearing students. But once you do it in the right way, you cannot wonder their intelligence.