How to Take Care of Fish Eggs in Aquarium for Cultivation

Cultivating fishes is ideal for those who are willing to have extra incomes but could not provide a large space. Not only as an additional income but also as a hobby and relieve stress. Cultivating fish eggs is actually easy and has a high fare of success. One of the keys is to know how to take care of the fish eggs in aquarium. It is not only important for those who want to cultivate but also for petting.

Taking care of fishes is a fun and easy way to pet an animal. Developing from hobby petting to business, people tend to cultivate fishes. There are lots of kinds of fishes such as goldfish, decorative fish and koi. However, it is quite confusing for some people about how to take care of fish eggs, especially for cultivating. Here are some simple tips you could try if you want to start cultivating fishes.

1. Provide an Aquarium

The first step on how to take care of fish eggs is providing an aquarium for the fish eggs. Make sure to provide an aquarium with a minimum length of 80 cm, wide 40 cm, and height 40 cm. As the aquarium for the mother fish, provide another different aquarium. Equip the aquarium with nesting place, using a fiber or others. Place the nesting about 15cm below the surface of the aquarium. The female fish would usually lay their eggs here.

2. Recheck the nest

After the spawning process, the female fish usually swims near the nest to guard the eggs. To make sure use a small stick and prick it in. If there is some yellow fluid that comes out, it means that the female fish has laid the eggs down.

3. Replace the eggs

To avoid the adults eating the eggs or damaging them, replace the eggs to another aquarium. Prepare an aquarium that contains methylene blue in it. This fluid kills the bacteria that damage the fish eggs. Do not move the fish eggs are not directed to the new aquarium. Let the eggs adapt the temperature through the media that is used to move the eggs.

4. A suitable acidity PH

The suitable acidity PH is an important aspect of how to take care of fish eggs in aquarium. If the water acidity is still not as suitable, manage to change it using an acidic or basic solution. For example, if you are willing to change to the acidity lower, use phosphoric acid.

5. Ideal Water Temperature

The last thing to notice on how to take care of fish eggs is providing the right temperature. For the right temperature to optimize the fish eggs are around 27-30C. If the water is lower, bacteria would easily damage the fish eggs. To warmth the temperature, move the aquarium to a closer area where it is far from the wind.

Fish eggs are sensitive and must be treated as soft as possible. Doing the right way on how to take care of fish eggs is a must. Therefore, fish eggs could then hatch perfectly and grow towards an adult fish.