Amazing Animal Cruelty Laws From Around The World

Animal is also living creature that have rights. Thus, here we have animal cruelty laws from around the world.

Animals are living creatures just like humans. Even though they aren’t as perfect, but they have the right to live. However, these days humans have a bad habit of torturing and abusing animals. There is no real report on how many animals are hurt. This is because many of them are not reported. Therefore, animal cruelty laws from around the world are made to protect animals.

animal cruelty laws from around the world

Even though we might not be able to save animals, but the least we can do is report. Report an incident when you see it. This will at least punish those who torture animals for no reason. And for those who have been hurting an animal, be careful. Because now there are animal cruelty laws from around the world that will be applied. Here are some laws:

1. Laws in Egypt

A cruelty law in Egypt is available in since hundred years ago. The content of the law is, whoever kills any kind of animal, with no main reason can be jailed or fined. In the old Egyptian law, anyone who kills cats or dogs will be executed. However, this law doesn’t apply anymore. Even though not many people are aware of this law, the number of died animals are not high in this country.

2. Animal Protection in Africa

The law in Africa for animals is in Act no 71 of 1962. The law covers animals from farm animals, domestic animals, and birds. Inside the law, the government detailed forbidden activities by a human that can cause them to jail. As an island with many kinds of animals, Africa is very strict with their rules. If anyone torture or hit animal is threatened to jail. Even chaining, not giving food/ drinks to an animal is a violation. Therefore, ensure to take care of your pets.

3.  Criminal Laws in Canada

Canada, doing any harmful activities to animals are all prohibited. There is no reason for suffering or killing animals, except that they give you danger. Despite this reason, poisoning or killing animals is not an option. Many provinces and territories in Canada have their own rules for animals. However, most of the rules are the same and have been applied. To keep people aware of the rule, the funds will be notified of the rules every night.

4. Costa Rica

Many animals in Costa Rica are for entertaining. Activities such as horse paradise, rodeos will not count as torture. People believe it is a traditional activity that every year to entertain the people. 

5. Indonesia

The same as with other countries, Indonesia also protects its animals with a rule. No one can kill animals, especially dogs and cats. The only reason people can kill an animal is that they are in danger. Overall, this rule is still very rare and not many people are aware of the rule. 

It is great to see that there are already many animal cruelty laws from around the world. Most people are starting to realize the life of animals. Therefore, make sure to take care of your pets starting from now