Backpacker Trip To New Zealand, What An Adventure!

New Zealand has this magic air that came straight from a classic stories. Thus, a backpacker trip to New Zealand will be the right thing to do!

backpacker trip to new zealand

Are you craving for a fellowship journey like Frodo has? Or you just simply want to hike and enjoy the clean fresh air? Surely you have to come to New Zealand, the land of Kiwi. Prepare yourself for a backpacker trip to New Zealand that will worth every penny.

New Zealand is divided into two mainland islands, north, and south. Meanwhile, if you decide to explore the whole island you will need more time. A month is at a minimum. New Zealand offers travelers with unique wildlife, natural and marine reserve, and also a mesmerizing hiking tour. Do not feel worried if you are a first-timer, here are some guidelines to help you explore the dazzling island of New Zealand:

1. Activities

New Zealand is the perfect place to hike. Thus, the most to do activity when doing a backpacker trip to New Zealand is hiking. The island offers world-class hiking with a breathtaking view as a companion. Visiting Fjorland National Park will be the best option to start your hiking day. Travelers can enjoy a remarkable track and meet diverse birdlife, turquoise open water, and mesmerizing mountain scenery.

Meanwhile, for a die-hard fan of Lord of The Rings, try to trace back Frodo steps at Tongorino National Park. If the weather is kind travelers will be able to enjoy Mt. Nguruhoe or Mountdoom just like Frodo did. This visit is to be considered a must.

Not only hiking, but there are also beaches and caves. Travelers will find the lost world by going down the cave and enjoy mesmerizing gigantic stalagmite. Do not forget to lighten up the day by visiting Hamilton and experienced The Shire brought to life. Even more, you can enjoy Bag End at the hobbit village.

2. Perfect Time to Visit

Luckily, there is never been a bad time or season to visit a splendid place like New Zealand. With a ray of sunshine all over the country and almost no air pollution, travelers do need to feel worried. However, travelers must be ready for unexpected weather changing. Speaking of the best time? It is summer.

Summer in New Zealand is from December to February. This will be the peak time and also the best time to enjoy open area activities such as hiking, winery, surfboarding and also swimming. Spend all season in New Zealand and you will able to enjoy blossoming spring and unforgettable winter.

3. What to Eat

As a backpacker tourist, food is not something to fuss about. But, since you are in New Zealand, why not try a compromising local food. Furthermore, try a tasty coffee and a mouthwatering breakfast in a local café. Not to forget that New Zealand is one of the best wineries, travelers can complete a journey with a zip of wine.

Since New Zealand is rich with sea produce, travelers can fill their belly with juicy and fresh seafood. Travelers will be lucky to have their fish and chips. Hence, this simple and tasty fried battered fish is the perfect companion of a backpacker.

Finally, no need to wait any longer. Grab your backpack and fill it with spirit, bravery and a bunch of adrenalin. As mention before that everybody can travel to New Zealand on budget. So, what are you waiting for? Start your backpacker trip to New Zealand right away.