Reasons Why Education System In Singapore Is The Best

There’s no doubt about Singapore education system. Here are why education system in Singapore is one of the best in the world.

Singapore is famous for its superior education. Every year, graduations from Singapore can join worldwide companies. The education system in Singapore was in first place on Economic cooperation and development. So how is the system in Singapore? And why is the output from Singapore one of the best in the world?

In Singapore, there are three levels of education that the government suggests its citizens to join. It starts from pre-school, continues to primary school, and secondary school. Like most schools, pre-school will take 6 years, whereas primary school is about 4 years. Most of the schools in Singapore are run by companies. Some are even by community groups. Therefore, some fees are free. So other than free fees for education, why is an education system in Singapore the best?

Education System In Singapore

1. Tight Schedules in School

As a reliable place other than home, schools in Singapore gives a tight schedule to their students. They make sure that students follow the schedules tightly and don’t have time for non-useful activities. Their days are full of math, science, chemistry and many more. Some schools even add homework to their students to ensure their students understand what they learn at school.

2. Focus on Specific Subjects

 One of the keys to successful education in Singapore is how to focus their teaching system is. So, at school, students are given specific subjects that they must understand. Next, the students also do practical skills on how to solve problems in the real world. Therefore, they don’t only understand the theory, but also be able to apply it. To see whether students understand the theory, the student will be given exams. Therefore, exams are very important in schools and is a tool for evaluation.

3. Pressure on Exams

 Singapore are very anxious about getting a good grade in exams. This is because exams are an evaluation tool to see the development of the student. Some schools even post grades to encourage others. This will make students study twice as harder than before. Students also believe that a smart person can be seen by their grades.

4. Professional Teachers

The aspect that helps students in Singapore is the teachers. The teachers must have certification and experts in their subject. This is to ensure students receive the right theory from the best ones. Some schools even have foreigner teachers.

5. Complete facilities

Facilities are an important part of the school. Almost all schools in Singapore have complete facilities such as laboratories, gym, and computers. As digital media is now an important part of daily life, the internet is also available in most schools in Singapore.

Despite the tight schedule and lessons in school, Singapore schools also provide student activities. This is to refresh students’ minds and prevent them from stress. Usually, these activities will be held every weekend or 1-2 times a week. So, overall the education system in Singapore is quite tight for a child. But the process is worth. This can be proven by the high numbers of Singapore graduations with excellent grades. And they work in worldwide companies.