Joining Festival In Little Italy? Here Are The Things You Should Know

Wishing for some Italian experience? Just come to the Town of Clinton to join the Festival in Little Italy. But before joining, know these first.

If you plan to make a holiday with Italian taste, then August is the right time. Moreover, at the end of August until the early of September, you will find the Festival in Little Italy. It is an annual festival held on Labor Day Weekend. The organizers are the LIFT (Little Italy Festival Town) board and the City of Clinton. Each year this festival honors two people as the Re (king) and the Regina (queen).

Festival In Little Italy

The Festival in Little Italy starts at 6 PM on Friday, exactly before Labor Day. The LIFT, as the organizer, is actually a non-profit educational organization. They dedicate themselves to develop the cultural and historical of Vermillion County and the Town of Clinton. When they create this event, they also make some features like:

1. LIFT Costume Contest

This is not a beauty contest you might imagine. All participants must come to the venue wearing authentic Italian attire. There are categories, usually, it is designed by age. For example, for infants, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Also, this category is for the boy and girl. So, each category has two winners. The winning will be announced on the same day based on the age group.

2. The Wine Garden

You can find the Wine Garden at the early of September. Every 1 September it starts at 6 PM on Friday and also 11 AM on Saturday until Monday. Lots of glasses of beer, soft drinks, wine, and lots of Italian sandwiches are available for visitors. If you want to bring your family members, you are only able to join until 5.30 PM. Then, the rest of this event is for age 21+.

3. Bocce Ball Tournament

Actually, this tournament is not specific for Festival in Little Italy. But, since people like to play this game, the organizer makes the Bocce ball tournament as part of this festival. Bocce ball was the Roman empire game. During the time, people develop the game and now presents form in Italy. The team is only for two people. There is a prize to win in this event, thus, many people register themselves with their partner.

4. The Coal Town Museum

When you are joining this festival’s crowd, don’t forget to visit the Coal Town museum. Don’t imagine it is a museum-like you use to visit. The Coal Town museum is actually the former local train station. If you see the history of Clinton, the earlier people were living in the coal mines. Thus, this museum is built dedicated to appreciating them.

5. The Vegetable Cart

When the parade is rolling, you can enjoy the other event that is the vegetable cart. You can find so many vegetables and fruits in the crowd. Just enjoy this event and fulfill your stomach. If you are the vegan people, you will love being in this event for sure.

Don’t miss a chance to join the Festival in Little Italy. The event is along the street of Clinton City. Since 1966, as its first festival, this event now successfully reaches many visitors. You might be disappointed if miss this event.