What to do in Jakarta for a Short Trip

Jakarta is the capital city and one of the most crowded cities in Indonesia. It is famous for its traffic and pollution that makes people think twice coming here. But, if you are planning to come here whether, for a business trip or a short getaway, there are still places you can visit. So, what to do in Jakarta if you have limited time? Don’t worry, there are enough things you can do here if you can handle the traffic.

Despite the crowded streets, Jakarta is a modern city full of hotels and malls. So, if you love shopping Jakarta is sure a great place to visit. On the other hand, if you like nature, then there is a small island that people can visit from Jakarta. Here are some the lists of what to do in Jakarta, if you have limited time:

1. Hang Out in Jakarta’s Bars

Jakarta is known with many modern and unique bars that are in the central of the city. The places are usually designed luxurious, making the visitor comfortable to hang out. Besides indoor, there are also many cafes that are in the high building giving great views for their visitors. To entertain their visitors, most café provides live music starting at 06 pm until it closes. Oh, and this is another great thing about Jakarta, almost all cafes close at 2 am in the morning.

 2. Shopping

For those who love shopping will sure love it here in Jakarta. As a modern city, Jakarta has many malls that also provide many top named boutiques in the world. The price here is also friendly for both clothes and electronic products. As for those who are on a budget don’t need to worry because there are also many traditional markets. Despite being modern, Jakarta is also full of many cheap markets. If you are looking for something trendy, no brand clothing come and visit Pasar Senen. Here, people can bargain the price, and if lucky they can get the price as they like. 

 3. Visit Old Town

What to do in Jakarta next if you get bored? Well, if you are planning just to stroll around the City, try visiting the Old town or also known as the Old Batavia. The buildings here are quite old, however not treated very well. Other than the museum, usually there are also many attractions here to entertain visitors. You can also grab lunch in the Old Batavia Restaurant, where the design of the restaurant is antique.

 4. Culinary around Jakarta

When visiting a new place, eating local food is a must for some people. Well, as a country that is famous for its seasoning, Jakarta offers many kinds of delicious food. Some traditional food that people can find in Jakarta is kerak telor, Gado-Gado, and Soto. Some foods may taste strange at first, but they are very worth to try.

 5. Visit Thousand Island

Jakarta also has a beautiful island that people can go for a short getaway. Just a few hours boat ride from the crowded city, people can reach the Thousand island. Even though the sea view isn’t as good as Bali, but Thousand island still offers a relaxing situation. Here, people can enjoy the waves, sunset, and get away from the pollution for a while.

So, still confused about what to do in Jakarta or planning to stay longer? Well, despite the crowded streets, Jakarta is still an amazing city to visit. By coming here, people will experience a life of modern and traditional culture at once.